Beware of Worst Online Smoke Screen – DDoS

A recent news item surprised us that approximately 200 New York community banks took a cyber-security test! How ready were they though? The test takers did not have a clear understanding of how DDoS works and its ability to be the perfect smoke screen for the Internet’s most horrible crimes. Can the finance-related industry learn a lesson and take proactive steps to be ready 24/7?

Terrorists are not the worst enemy in the cyber world. Global and local cyber gangs with the most sinister objectives are, and they use DDoS and virtual private networks to hide themselves and their work.

Banks, in particular, need to not only secure services that successfully prepare for and mitigate distributed denial of service attacks but also stop global cyber criminal rings from using the DDoS as a diversion online to steal valuable company secrets, credit card numbers, debit card numbers, money, and customer identity.

Retail and wholesale business, as well as consumers, want transactions on websites via all their devices to be secure. They want their Internet service providers to offer reliable flexibility and security. Business teams want a productive and secure work experience on any work device over the Internet. Critical data, whether that is private business files or consumer and employees’ personal identities must be secure. DDoS is often a smoke screen for wreaking havoc with any or all of the above.

A physical smoke screen such as white phosphorus can be a mass of dense artificial smoke used to cover up physical military areas or operations from the enemy. Smoke screen technique can be an action or statement used to conceal true intentions.

When someone drops something near an item they want to secretly take a look at, the dropping of the item is the smoke screen. The culprit spies the secret or private data, picks up the item and walks away to complete another crime. Sensational news about celebrities and weather can quickly move the masses away from a horrible political faux pas. All … smoke screens!

A smoke screen obscures the real, crucial issues. Securing a respected and reliable DDoS mitigation service provider to be ready at any time is just part of the necessary bank preparations. Measures need to be taken to mitigate but even better prevent critical and private data theft of a business and its customers.

Banks and other financial and typical target institutions such as insurance, government tax departments, brokerages, accounting, law, gaming and even shadow banks are prime targets for cyber criminal activity. They always have been active offline, too. For example, a ton of white collar crime such as extortion and embezzlement take place while smoke screens are created to keep from getting caught.

Protecting one’s critical and valuable data, employees, and customers online is just as important as it has been offline and in any traditional modus operandi. All the business types mentioned in the previous paragraph find themselves, sometimes unbeknownst to the inside, in the middle of the growing international illegal trades and trafficking of humans, drugs, brand fakes, and money laundering.

Traditional crimes are heightened online and go hand in hand with DDoS episodes and accompanying financial and identity theft among global cyber gangs. Why and how? Let’s talk and be proactive. BlockDoS asks that readers open the dialogue and share media on smoke screens, DDoS and online crime whether at home, at a local cyber cafe, favorite fast food joint, workplace, Facebook, Pinterest, and other venues.