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Simple Proxy

The Simple Proxy Website Edition is a Fully Managed Unlimited DDoS Proxy Protection with Proactive Support, 24/7/365 Uptime Monitoring and Multi-layer DDoS Protection.

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What is Fully Pro Active Managed Service?

In Fully Pro Active Managed Service, we will mitigate the DDoS attack and setup custom ruleset on your firewall once our monitoring system detects DDoS Attack without you having to initiate request. We follow up on any outages, provide you reports and help your service stay online.

What is Simple Proxy Protection?

The Simple Proxy Protection Website Edition is a single location DDoS Proxy Protection Service which essentially routes your website traffic through our Protected Proxy so you get clean traffic and stay safe from downtime. With our proactive monitoring, we are able to detect a DDoS Attack and our support team can promptly mitigate it.


How many locations does it cover?

The Proxy Protection is based of a single location - our scrubbing center - where it receives all your website traffic and routes it to your website after filtering malicious traffic.

How much data transfer is included?

Our main value proposition is Unmetered Data Transfer and the reason is we don't cap the traffic sent through our proxy thereby giving your website flexibility to receive virtually unlimited traffic.

What types of attacks are mitigated?

We have a comprehensive protection built-in against the most devastating DoS Attacks including UDP Flood, TCP Flood, SYN Flood Attacks and all Application Layer 7 Attacks.

What ports are protected?

To give you the maximum protection, we block all ports other than port 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS traffic. This helps in eliminating a vast majority of malicious traffic to your website.

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Why choose Simple Proxy?

With best DDoS Protection pricing in the Industry, Simple Proxy is backed by Fully Pro Active Managed Support, 24/7/365 Monitoring and Rapid Mitigation.

  • Multi-Layer DDoS Attack Protection specially Layer 4 and Layer 7 Attacks
  • Unlimited Data Transfer and Unlimited DDoS Attack Handling
  • Custom Dashboard and Reporting to keep you Fully Updated
  • Best Price in the Industry starting at $15/mo [Covid-19 Rescue Plan]

How Simple Proxy works?

The process is pretty much seamless after you place the order. We'll give you instructions to update your DNS and let you know once your protection is ON and the Proactive Monitoring is Deployed.

  • We ask for your backend server IP and the domain name during order process
  • We provide you DNS entries (A records and WWW) to add in your DNS
  • You make the necessary changes in your DNS and update us
  • Viola! Your protection is ON and your website is receiving clean traffic


Managed Anti-DDoS
Simple Proxy Website Only
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Single Location
Fully Pro Active Managed
Unmetered Data Transfer
Unlimited DDOS Attack Mitigation Capacity
HTTP / HTTPS Supported Protocol Only
80,443 Supported Ports
Protection against All kind of L4
Full Layer 7 Protection
Dedicated IP
24/7 Monitoring Included
24/7/365 Technical Support Included
Custom Dashboard

What are some of the common DDoS Attacks we Protect you from?

Network Layer Attack (Layer 3)

A common type of Network Layer attack is "ICMP Flood" whereby attacker takes down the system through repeated "pings" (ICMP echo requests).

Transport Layer Attack (Layer 4)

The most common attack in Transport Layer is "UDP Flood Attack" which involves a taking down target server with UDP requests from large number of computer systems.

Session (Layer 5) & Presentation Layer Attack (Layer 6)

One of the most common Presentation Layer attack is "SSL exhaustion" whereby a large number of requests are sent to target host to force server to perform resource extensive process for setting up secure sessions.

Application Layer Attack (Layer 7)

A popular Application Layer Attack is "Slowloris" which involves sending a large number of simultaneous requests to target server timed carefully to avoid timeout thereby not leaving room for legitimate requests.

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Case Study: Middle East Airlines

A comprehensive case study on how BlockDoS was able to protect Lebanon Airline from complex DDoS attacks.

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DDoS Protection Overview

Website Performance, Reliability and Availability through Unlimited DDoS Protection

According to a research by CDNetworks, more than 54% of businesses were victim of DDoS Attacks in 2017 and even greater number is at risk in 2018. By leveraging on the vulnerabilities within hundreds and thousands of of insecure IoT (Internet of Things) devices, the creation of botnets and subsequent large-scale volumetric attacks is easier and more impactful than ever before. Besides massive scale DDoS Attacks, the focus of attacks is rapidly moving from network & transport layer to application layer 7 where the attacks are way more complex. This means that taking an application or a website offline would require lesser bandwidth and fewer resources resulting in greater disruption and impact on operations. DDoS attacks are able to hamper standard business operations by negatively affecting website availability and performance, sometimes even completely taking them offline. On average, the hourly cost of downtime due to network infrastructure failure is more than USD 100K/hr. One of the obvious side affect of similar attacks is loss of brand reputation, business and customers. In order to combat these complex, massively disruptive attacks, an intelligent, AI-powered scalable network is required which can combat every new type of attack. BlockDoS achieves this by using a global network with more than 150+ PoPs, data-driven intelligence to combat vulnerabilities and exploits and proven scalable unlimited DDoS protection.

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DDoS Attack Glossary

A thorough glossary which covers popular DDoS attacks and their mode of action
LAYER 3 - Network
ICMP Flood
ICMP Fragmentation
BGP Hijacking
LAYER 4 - Transport
IPSec Flood
UDP Flood
SYN Flood
LAYER 5 – Session / LAYER 6 - Presentation
SSL Exhaustion
Long Lived TCP sessions
DNS query floods
LAYER 7 - Application
Slow Post
Slow Read
HTTP/S Flood
CVE Attack Vectors
Layer 7 protocol floods (SMTP, DNS, SNMP, FTP, SIP)
Database Connection Pool Exhaustion
Resource Exhaustion
Large Payload POST requests
Mimicked user browsing

Are you under attack? We are here 24x7x365