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Cloudflare Enterprise (Managed)

Cloudflare Enterprise is a Fully Pro-Active Managed Enterprise Solution with Built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF), 24x7x365 Service Uptime Monitoring, Role Based Access, Custom Dashboard and Caching.

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Unleash full power of Cloudflare

Advanced DDoS protection with network prioritization, WAF with unlimited custom rulesets, role-based account access, raw log access, account audit logs, multiple custom SSL certificate uploads and more.

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    Host Anywhere. Access it Locally.

    Regardless of where your website is hosted. CloudFlare’s global network nodes bring your website closer to your customers. CloudFlare has more than 50 locations world wide including Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and South America. A copy of your website is stored in each of CloudFlare’s locations. When a visitor access your website using your browser, it goes to the CloudFlare data center that is closest to the visitor, reducing the geographic distance and improving the website’s speed to display its content. CloudFlare’s network is run by a dedicated team of intelligent CDN engineers who ensure that contents get delivered smoothly across the globe.

    Standard & Advanced Security

    CloudFlare provides standard and advanced levels of security with its CDN. You can purchase DDoS attack protection, IP reputation filtering, and WAF (web application firewall) at moderate or nearly unlimited levels of protection.

    Analytics and Control

    BlockDos offers a sophisticated admin panel for its valuable clients to control their assets. Our all in one type dashboard is capable of managing and controlling all your server requirements at one place.


    • Email support
    • Service level agreement
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Phone Support

    Page Rule Set

    Now you can define rules as per your need. You can enable full HTML caching, individually with CloudFlare’s customized features on a page by page basis. Now you have full control on your pages.

    Reduce Server Load

    When you have thousands of online visitors accessing your website, your server load will increase and so will your bandwidth usage. With CloudFlare’s smart caching engine, it caches images, CSS, etc according to your needs. This will reduce the load on server and also saves bandwidth.

    Dynamic Content

    Your dynamic content can also be sped up using CloudFlare’s advanced technology.

    Always Online

    With CloudFlare, your server always stays online and connected. If your server ever goes offline, CloudFlare will serve a limited copy of your cached website to keep it online to visitors.

    Fast Content Delivery

    If you want your content to reach thousand of your customers online then CloudFlare’s CDN has built to meet your needs. CloudFlare ensures that you get the best possible speed, regardless of where your website is hosted.

    Advance Security

    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    • OWASP ModSecurity
    • Layer 7 DDoS Protection
    • BGP Origin Protection


    • Easy DNS Management
    • Custom DNS Name Servers
    • Raw Log File Access
    • Wildcard Support


    • 100% Control on pages
    • Control files, directory etc
    • Cache Purge
    • Cost Effective

    Multiple Access

    • Assign Multiuser Roles (enterprise version only)
    • Easy to Manage Accounts
    • Able to Add or Delete Account
    • Manage All Level of Controls

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