Our experts at your service

Our team consists of a number of security researchers, analysis, reviewers, technical support executives and account managers to assist in setting up your accounts and protecting your network infrastructure 24x7x365.

Our core competency is protecting web infrastructure online including HTTP, DNS and MX servers to shield all your bases from any vulnerabilities. We employ a number of technical experts to assist in our operations and to make sure your websites stay up all the time. We started small and now we are a well known brand name in the protection market, thanks to our proprietary technologies and extraordinary experts. We have learned that the only way to succeed is to adhere to the principle that customer is the king - serve customer until he is 100% satisfied.

In order to make sure that our business operations run smoothly, we have divided the entire staff into a specific set of subdivisions. Following are some of the roles and responsibilities highlighted for each division.


Consisting of leaders with years of experience in this arena, our leadership focuses on growing the customer base and ensuring that exceptional customer service is given. Another important objective of leadership is to focus on emerging markets and expand the business horizon to new customer base.

Support Ninjas

The reason for our success is our support team which goes above and beyond to solve customer issues, guide them regarding using our service to it’s full potential and remain on standby ready to jump into help anytime.

Security Analysis

The people behind our brand are our security team. They not only scan for vulnerabilities but also patch up the system against latest exploits and hacks. They have a keen eye for analyzing DDoS patterns and protecting against the deadliest of attacks.

Business Development

They bring business to the table. They look for websites that are in trouble and need our help. Also, they look for businesses that require a security upgrade and want to stay completely protected from cyber exploits.


Billing, Sales, Network - we have a lot of operational activities going all the time. Our team oversees anything which relates to day-to-day tasks pertaining to invoicing, introducing new offers and tweaking network nodes.