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Our case studies highlight challenges faced by enterprises, how we analyzed them to craft custom solutions and how our implemented solution not only solved their problem but also improved their infrastructure tenfolds.

A Leading Airline Organization

A budget Italian airline that was providing low cost tickets to its clients, was become the target of a DDoS attack for about 8 hours. During the span of attack, the airline suffered serious damage. People who wanted to book their tickets online were unable registered it online. Moreover, those who wanted to inquire or confirm about the schedule of flights were incapable of reaching the site.

The DDoS attack did not only bring their website down but also paralyzed their operations. This DDoS attack claimed a huge sum of revenue, and for 8 hours this airline attempted to cope on its own with the DDoS attack. The airline’s hosting service also could not help and wanted to shut them down from their servers because it was too big to handle.

After studying feedback about several DDoS mitigation providers, the airline engaged BlockDoS to protect them from DDoS attack. Within minutes BlockDoS had recognized all the details about the large volume DDoS attack, mitigated it and quickly restored the website. Now, this airline trusts BlockDoS very much and has great faith in the DDoS protection services provided by BlockDoS.

DDoS Attack Hits A Reputed Bank From Middle East

In the 4th quarter of 2011, a renowned and reputable bank from the Middle East became the victim of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Initially the bank officials believed that it was not a big issue. Their IT department tried to block the attack, but when the intensity of attack increased and their online information and infrastructure seemed to be compromised, they found themselves on the losing side. They engaged BlockDoS to deal with DDoS attack.

The Bank has a huge number of accounts and a majority of use the online banking features. It was a matter of their image and prestige when their online systems were down. The DDoS attack carried out on this bank was massive in its magnitude and if it was not dealt with in time and swiftly, it would have caused them irreparable damage. BlockDoS swept out the attack in minutes. The traffic on the site was routed quickly and the bank was immediately back in business.