BLOCKDOS To Attend GITEX Dubai 2016

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Any company with an online network, website or server is subject to hacking or other malicious attacks. These web attacks can jeopardize confidential personal and financial data and can also cripple a company’s online presence. The end result usually involves a company’s loss of money, time and/or credibility. Fortunately, these losses and disruptions can be avoided if the right safety precautions are implemented. Every company should prioritize online security and its management should be left in the capable hands of specialists.  


Located in Mississauga, Ontario, BLOCKDOS is one of the Leading Canadian Security company that offer comprehensive online security services. BLOCKDOS not only mitigates any attacks on a company’s network, but also takes the necessary measures to prevent such attacks from happening in the first place. Through BLOCKDOS, a company can be confident that their entire network is securely hosted and set up to only allow appropriate traffic to come through. BLOCKDOS offers Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks prevention, Malware prevention, Web Application Firewall, Content Delivery Network, Secure Hosting and more.


For over a decade, many Fortune 500 companies, Financial entities and eCommerce portals around the world have trusted and depended on BLOCKDOS to protect their online  operations. It has a wide-spread network of support and data centres in several key locations internationally. BLOCKDOS offers unmatched quality, services and features to provide its clients the best online security measures possible.


BLOCKDOS is proud to announce that it will be attending Gitex Dubai (16 Oct – 20 Oct 2016) and are urging attendees to visit its exhibition within the Canadian pavilion. Visitors can learn more about the work BLOCKDOS does to secure and protect the online presence of companies and prevent any attacks on their networks. BLOCKDOS is also pleased to be offering a limited number of free guest passes to those wishing to attend Gitex Dubai. Interested parties are asked to contact BLOCKDOS as soon as possible before all passes are distributed.


BLOCKDOS is one of the leading Canadian Security Firm, established in 2005 as a most Secured Dedicated Hosting & Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation Service provider. We guarantee 99.9% uptime SLA on Enterprise Protection solution. Once your website is on BLOCKDOS, all the traffic will be routed through our global network of high-powered servers that inspect all incoming traffic, keeping hackers out while accelerating your traffic. We provide: DDoS Protection Service, DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers, Remote Proxy Protection, DDoS Protected Virtual Private Server, Content Delivery Network, Web Application Firewall, Monitoring & Malware Detection Service and Vulnerability Scanning.


To learn more, please contact
Awa Kebe, Media Relations
211 Watline Avenue # 208
Mississauga, ON Canada


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