Celebs Photo Leaked – A question on Cloud Security

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As technology progresses ahead with leaps and bounds, it provides us with new means and ways to carry out our day to day business. Not only it helps us in executing tasks more comfortably but also brings in the factor of safety and security in our lives.

Nowadays we hear a lot about this relatively new term ‘Clouds’ in the IT industrial sector, where data can be stored in the clouds. As with other technological advancement, as cloud technology brings a whole lot of benefits to businesses small and large, there are some security concerns as well. And it’s not just limited to corporate or commercial entities, individuals are affected by poor cloud security, particularly celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Mary Elizabeth, who have recently been a victim of cloud hacking.

So before we go ahead in selecting cloud data storage for our business, there must be a check-list that should be filled to ensure that our data will be safe. Here it is:

1. Vendor Security Protocols

Before a vendor is selected for cloud services, take a closer and detailed look at what security measures and protocols are implemented by the vendor so that before finalising the vendor you can rest assured that your data is in capable hands.

2. What standards the vendor meets

Before finalizing the vendor, make sure that they adhere to certain standards such as ISO 27001, ISAE3402/SSAE16 and CSA STAR, which is the first internationally recognized cloud security certification program developed jointly by the CSA (The Cloud Security Alliance) and BSI (British Standards Institution).

3. A good password

It goes without saying that you must select a strong and robust password for your data. Make it a combination of letters and numbers, use lower case and upper cases and make it a good combination so that it cannot be breached easy.

4. Remote Access

Nowadays business is mobile, thanks largely to mobile phones and tablets. When using a virtual private network always make sure that your data is properly secured.

5. Data Encryption

All data that moves from your business to the clouds is encrypted by default. But
businesses should always check what encryption is being used and it should be
clearly mentioned and highlighted in and SLA’s that are signed.

All in all, businesses and individuals alike should embrace new technological advancements with a pinch of salt, as where it brings convenience in corporate and daily lives it can also turn into a nuisance if proper measures are not taken.