How To Detect and Control HTTPS Flood Attack with No Decryption Keys

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The seriousness of HTTPS flood attacks cannot be neglected. Everyone is discussing about these attacks and apparently it has become a serious threat. Cyber attackers and hackers have a new way of petrifying their preys now and that needs to be taken care of immediately. So, what are these HTTPS flood attacks? The answer is quite simple, everyone must be aware of what DDoS attacks are, HTTPS flood attacks is a general title of DDoS attacks. To be specific, those DDoS attacks that abuse SSL/TLS protocols over HTTPS communications are known as HTTPS flood attacks. Recently it has been observed that these kinds of attacks are getting quite aggressive and multiple businesses are facing them.

Use Encryption:

It’s a fact that encryption saves you from facing various hidden cyber attacks which can be dangerous to your reputation and your business This is probably the reason why everyone is using encryption almost everywhere. The ease and confidence of being safe and secure online is because of the encryption, so encryption is one thing that you will need for sure. With encryption you can send messages without any fear, you can shop online without giving a second thought and you can keep your communication protected and secure. With the help of encryption, users enjoy authenticity.

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The more technical terminology that’s used for encryption is SSL/TLS. By using SSL/TLS you can find the genuineness of the traffic, you can enjoy confidentiality and integrity of the messages. So, all in all encryption is a must-have option to opt for.

Role of Network Tenants’ Keys:

It has been observed that protection devices require a copy of SSL certificates to decode the data that is transferred from the device. Usually this particular process harms the latency and privacy of the user. This needs to be taken care of as the privacy concern is a serious one. In case the concern is not handled carefully and vigilantly, it can cause certain security risks. These security risks can make the devices vulnerable to cyber-attacks including malware and DDoS attacks.

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How To Secure Tenants From Hacking Attempts:

Without network tenants’ keys traditional off-the-shelf solutions are useless. Keyless defense against HTTPS flood attacks created on stateless architecture is perfect for service providers and carriers. Such a solution not only eradicates operational intricacy that comes with managing decryption keys, but guards against SSL-based HTTP DDoS attacks at scale without adding latency or compromising user privacy.