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DDos Attack 837x230 Blockdos
DDOS ATTACK- Prevention is better than cure (Google Images)

Whether you are a small online retailer or a big corporation, cometh the Holiday season, it’s hunting time for DDoS perpetrators! It’s likely cyber criminals will only scale up their activity as the holiday season approaches.

In these circumstances one must know the importance of implementing DDoS mitigation controls. One must have a comprehensive DDoS mitigation strategy all in readiness. Even the security professionals who know better often find themselves making last-minute contingency plans despite the knowledge that proper planning months in advance would have reduced the cost of the mitigation solution and substantially mitigated any damages during an attack.

The scope of the threat varies from individuals to organizations between different industrial sectors and during different seasons. Your business’ reputation is at stake that can potentially be damaged beyond repairs. Your customers’ confidence levels will nose dive should anything of adverse nature occurs. Planning ahead of the disaster and trying to prevent the damages being
occurred is much better than finding yourself taking emergency measures.

To have in-house DDoS mitigation system is almost impractical for small companies. Even if you plan to have one within your company then you’re looking at putting a lot of money in to it.

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Prepare for DDOS Attacks (Google Images)

It’s better to have a solution that is more service oriented and one that is handled by the experts. The consequences of not having any protection in place could prove to be absolutely devastating.

It could bring your entire online operations down to a complete halt. That would ultimately lead to sales numbers nose diving and may even lead to bankruptcy. Considering what lies ahead it’s a wise choice to hire a DDoS mitigation service provider, people who know there job and know how to save your business.

Fortunately, there are practical solutions available for smaller companies. These require advanced planning and an understanding that DDoS protection and information security are fundamental concepts that must be incorporated into a company’s business plan year-round.

All companies should work with a security firm or consultant with experience in mitigating DDoS attacks to determine those solutions that make the most sense for the size of the business being protected, thereby facilitating the most attractive ROI and reaping the rewards of making a wise choice.